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CONSENTIUM Expands Ecosystem with Launch of Social Trading Platform EXONIUM


CONSENTIUM Expands Ecosystem with Launch of Social Trading Platform EXONIUM

  The SIngapore-based company is set to be the world’s first chat application with an integrated exchange for its cryptocurrency wallet



   CONSENTIUM, the Singapore-based chat application with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, yesterday announced the cryptocurrency exchange platform, EXONIUM on 23 June 2019. The platform joins an expanding list of cryptocurrency services in the CONSENTIUM ecosystem, with plans of integrating the exchange onto the CONSENTIUM chat application’s cryptocurrency wallet. This is in line with its community-first vision as it looks to strengthen its social networking and trading services by creating a holistic experience for its user-base. CONSENTIUM, who earlier this month announced the partnership with BLUCON and upcoming launch of its cryptocurrency debit card, will also look to leverage on EXONIUM to attract new users onto its ecosystem. The company announced plans to issue the debit card through EXONIUM, and is keen to explore the social trading platform’s ability to support multiple cryptocurrencies. The move would allow non CONSENTIUM token (CSM) holders to also utilise its upcoming debit card. Meanwhile, the ongoing integration of the exchange onto the CONSENTIUM app will allow EXONIUM access to CONSENTIUM’s 130,000-strong user base of cryptocurrency traders, as it looks to bolster its growth.

EXONIUM: Powered by CONSENTIUM, Made for You 

   EXONIUM, which operates on the Estonian Cryptocurrency Exchange License, launched the full suite of its services today following a security upgrade to its Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. The digital exchange platform, which previously conducted an open beta launch in early 2018, will also feature an intuitive new look – and will allow users to toggle between the Basic and Advanced trader dashboards based on their preference. The Advanced dashboard will allow traders to display in-depth technical analysis of digital currency values over time, in addition to the trading graphs and charts offered on the Basic dashboard. EXONIUM will also feature integrated ZENDESK customer support that will allow users to access FAQs and open a ticket on the support page without leaving the site. At launch, the Cryptocurrency exchange will list CONSENTIUM’s native token (CSM) as one of three tokens on its platform – alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). To incentivise the utilisation of CSM, users who trade with the coin on EXONIUM will receive 50 percent off trading fees per transaction. Jiawen Ngeow, Chief Operating Officer at CONSENTIUM, stressed the importance of user experience for both companies saying, “The team at EXONIUM spared no efforts in understanding the needs of its user base and target segments. We want to create a platform that is attractive to both new and experienced traders, while ensuring peace of mind.”

The Next-Generation Social Media Platform for the Future

   In line with CONSENTIUM’s community-driven values, the messaging app with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet is already looking into ways to value-add to its users by leveraging on EXONIUM. Users can expect community polls to drive future coin listings on EXONIUM’s platform, along with two-way communication channels that seek crowdsourced suggestions for the platform’s improvements. CONSENTIUM will also look to develop an interactive learning programme that will provide guidance for newly onboarded traders and furnish users with tips for trading. Jeremy Khoo, Group Chief Security Officer at CONSENTIUM adds, “Our goal is to leverage on the strengths of both the CONSENTIUM ecosystem and EXONIUM to create social interactions that can make trading more meaningful and engaging as a community. We believe that the successful adoption of a decentralized technology like blockchain relies heavily on involving the user-base in its development.”

About EXONIUM | EXONIUM                       

EXONIUM is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which aims to bring the best of social networks into the world of trading. Powered by CONSENTIUM, traders will gain accessibility to a strong network of fellow traders, high security and quick liquidity.


About CONSENTIUM | CONSENTIUM                   

CONSENTIUM is the first chat app with crypto-wallet integration to reward its users with cryptocurrency for their engagement on the platform. Its digital tokens, CONSENTIUM Coins (CSM), are developed based on Ethereum platform (the world’s largest leading smart contract blockchain). The aim of CONSENTIUM is to transcend simplistic chat applications, and develop an advanced multi-feature app that can boost collaborations and productivity within corporate and social communities.




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