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Blucon Launches BCH Transportation Card


PR: Blucon Launches BCH Transportation Card


   Blucon is excited to announce the launch of their transportation card that supports BCH. The system will work by integrating with the EXO-Platform. This allows instant conversion of cryptocurrency into spendable cash. Blucon has leveraged on its existing business relationships between cryptocurrency exchanges and legacy banking institutions to launch this product. Excitement is also building, as Blucon’s listing on Digifinex is set for the 27th of May. Blucon’s Digifinex listing means that the EXO-Platform will be integrated into an exchange, so Blucon users will be able to instantly convert cryptocurrencies held in their exchange wallets for spendable cash through Blucon’s transportation card. Currently, Blucon is planning to provide with the cryptocurrency-rechargeable prepaid transportation card. The card can only be topped up by cash for the time being. Using cryptocurrencies to top up the prepaid transportation card will be available in 2 months, after the EXO-Platform is fully integrated. Blucon’s EXO-Platform acts as a medium between financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows Blucon card users to instantly convert cryptocurrencies into cash through the EXO-Platform. In other words, Bitcoin Cash holders are now able to pay for transportation using cryptocurrencies in real time, wherever they want. This is a huge step forward for cryptocurrency payments. Blucon’s payment platform was developed with the B2B2C model in mind. Once the platform is fully functional, the cards will be sent out to Blucon partners like ExShell, Digifinex, Bcoin, The Dash Foundation and


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