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TIC Gets Listed on MXC and BitHumb Global Exchange on June 21


TIC Gets Listed on MXC and BitHumb Global Exchange on June 21

  TicTalk, largest lean incubation community in the world, with over one million registered users, will make a strong debut on BitHumb Global Exchange of South Korea on June 21, the same day of TIC token’s IEO on MXC Exchange, and will put forward the concept of TIC lean incubation together with the BitHumb Global Exchange across the globe.


  Based on the VeChain ecosystem, the foundation adopts the model of lean incubation and distributed management structure, and links the three modules within the ecosystem, namely, project, mid-end and investment, by taking TIC token as the settlement currency, so as to build a new block chain innovation platform and incubate more projects of good quality to be integrated into the VeChain ecosystem. With the help of the lean incubation model, TicTalk Foundation has incubated TicTalk App, TicTalk Forest applet, MetU, Foodie Vlog, TicTalk film, TicTalk Dating and other projects all over the world.


  At present, TicTalk ecosystem is under the investment guidance of Shen Bo, founder of Fenbushi Capital. It has created a great number of supernodes across the globe, including Collinstar Capital, VeChain, BA Capital, Consensus Lab, NOVA Alliance, BIA FUND, Vector Capital, FINWEX, TREELION Foundation, etc., transferring many excellent projects to the lean incubation platform and providing follow-up investment and financing services. Also, TicTalk perfectly integrates a number of sectors: paid social intercourse on blockchain, voting, promotion, uplink of carbon credits, Face ID, reward, intelligent contract, OTC transaction, distributed OA, supernodes, resonance transaction, etc. Different functions interact with each other, forming into the early-stage operational model of TicTalk lean incubation.

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